Francesco Lionetti, our history

“Francesco Lionetti” was founded in 1922 by a gifted tradesman of the same name, who did business with leather-based companies all around the world.
His desire was to create unique and elegant objects based in Tuscany, and so he started working in a small craft fund in Florence, where he soon established a flourishing business in a city filled with ancient knowledge of leather craftsmanship.
Francesco’s legacy lives on through his grandson Giancarlo, who maintains the teaching that has been passed from father to son for three generations.

Francesco Lionetti, founder of the company

Today, the Florence region is still a leather production area, with many tanning warehouses. In fact, to provide a full manufacturing process, we have acquired in 1997 the assets of a tannery in Tuscany. This allows a perfect control over the quality of the final products, while assuring that only the finest materials are used.
By combining past knowledge of the old generation and modern technologies that respect the environment, our artisans respond to the requests of customers from all over the world with a combination of new ideas and long-standing wisdom.

Our brand specializes in designing and manufacturing genuine leather interior accessories for five-star hotels, residences, restaurants and museums. We also have a shop in the Historic Centre of Florence, in Via della Spada, 48r, where we sell bags, wallets, stationery and small traditional accessories.

The brand logo inside the shop
Our signature small tote bag
Men’s wallet Made in Italy
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