Cuoietto Artistico Fiorentino

The Renaissance was a time of great change and growth, and this leather cards case is a reflection of that.

It’s designed by expert craftsmen in Florence using traditional techniques, which traces their roots to the Renaissance, and hand-crafted from the finest vegetable-tanned leather. The colour will change overtime, and will remain glossy if polished. A unique and artisanal accessory that you can use comfortably for about 15 years.

This case is perfect for storing your business cards or credit cards. It is small enough to carry with you wherever you go, but large enough to hold several cards at once. The case also has an embossed logo so anyone who sees it will know that it was made by hand in Italy!

The material to make this and other small accessories, like our tacco coincase and glasses case is called Cuoietto Fiorentino.

Tacco coincase
Glasses Case
Glasses Case

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