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Francesco Lionetti was born at the beginning of the 20th century and, at a young age,
he immediately distinguished himself for his personal presence
and his desire to create unique and elegant objects.
Wood and leather were his preferred materials:
today his legacy lives on through his grandson Giancarlo,
who maintains the teaching
that has been passed from father to son.

For each collection,
the brand puts forward his excellent know-how,
by creating perfect finishes and top quality accessories.
To provide a full manufacturing process, we have acquired in 1997
the assets of a tannery in Tuscany.
This allows a perfect control over the quality of the final products,
while assuring that only the finest materials are used.
We work the skins of cowhide, goats, lambs from Italian and European farms.
The color range of our leather is extremely varied, to meet the needs of our customers.

All these years,
Francesco Lionetti has renovated and updated its technology
in order to modernize itself,
respecting the tradition and the Florentine soul.